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Icarus’s dear comes true


Men have always dreamt of being able to fly as free as birds do and no other form of flight can take you as close to that as hang gliding does. A short run and off you glide high above the beauties of nature. An eagle’s eye view of imposing mountain peaks with not even the sound of a distant car engine to disturb you. Why not let us organise a tandem flight for you with a qualified instructor from the local Paragliding Club!

On the tumbling water of the Passirio/Passeier river


What about a thrilling downstream rafting adventure in a special rubber dinghy with places for between 4 to 7 passengers accompanied by fully-qualified Italian Rafting Association instructors of the local Acqua-Terra Club, one of the most active and reputable organisations of its kind in the area. The river offers easy as well as mid-to-difficult tracts!

A haven for fishermen

Angling and fly fishing

The Passer River in the Passeiertal Valley is a fisherman’s paradise. Fly-fishing enthusiasts are sure to enjoy fishing in the mountain torrents and lakes. Before doing so an Italian fishing licence is required, which is valid for 3 months and can be used throughout the country.
You also require a day-permit, which can be obtained together with the license at any tourist office as well as all the necessary information.

Enjoy the nature

Horse Riding

A great way to see the beauties of the Passiria/Passeier valley from the back of a horse or from the comfort of a horse-drawn carriage. What about a private lesson with a qualified instructor or a guided tour on horse-back. There are several riding schools nearby.

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